Meet the P180E, a revolutionary on/off camera light that can go to the extreme reaches of the world to chase the perfect story anywhere. Durable and powered by AC or broadcast battery, this compact ENG light withstands the elements to work as beautifully in freezing northern Canada as it does in the humid Amazon. The P180E features high CRI that brings color to life and the dimmable, color tunable light makes those indoor/outdoor transitions seamless, matching to daylight or tungsten sources with just the turn of a dial. Whether mounted on your camera or used in a traditional interview set-up, this brilliant LED works hard so you don't have to.


  • 200W tungsten equivalent, 40W draw
  • 3000-5600K Continuous Tuning
  • High CRI (?92)
  • Runs on AC power 110v-240v or broadcast batteries 12v-28v (w/ D-Tap cables)
  • Rated IP-24 (IP-25 rating w/ Rain Shield)
  • Compact, Weighs 1.2lbs
  • Solid State Technology (no bulbs to break)

Technical Specifications

Size (without Barndoor)2.9"(Diameter) X 3.8" (Length)
Weight (Include Yoke)1.2lbs / 544g
LEDDense Matrix LED
Thermal DesignPassive Cooling System
CCT Range3000-5600K Continuous Tuning
Power Consumption40W Max.
Input12 - 24V DC
AC Adaptor100 - 240V AC, 50-60Hz (In) / 19V DC, 65W Max. (Out)
Operating Temperature-30° - 40° C / -22° - 104°F