XXL Grids that set up faster & stay tight

DoPchoice’s smartly engineered, extremely durable, yet lightweight fabric fold-up grids are ideal to control the light spread in front of any fixture. Thanks to a unique bungee cable fastening system, they work equally well with most popular frames: 30mm diameter square, or 42mm or 48mm round tubing type. Every grid corner has an easy-view white fastener for quick setup even on a dark stage.

Available in 6 sizes and custom, BUTTERFLY Grids stretch tightly in any position even overhead with no sagging–then fold flat to store.


No tummy. Always tight.

No hassles of sagging in different positions: DoPchoice BUTTERFLY Grids are even tightly stretched when upside down.

No hassle. Revolutionary easy.

Thanks to specially developed brackets, DoPchoice BUTTERFLY Grids are incredibly simple and quick to install.

No wearout. Extremely durable.

BUTTERFLY Grids are manufactured using a specially developed robust fabric that keeps the grids stable. All strips are precisely sewn to the highest quality standard.

A foldaway frame that sets up in sixty seconds

Attach a DoPchoice BUTTERFLY Grids and a diffusion textile to an Avenger Foldaway Frame, collapse the frame, and take it with you. At the shooting location, it’ll take you less than a minute to set it up. DoPchoice even offers a special bag that includes enough space to safely and easily transport the prepared grids.

Easy to find corners

You know the problem of not finding the right position to setup the grid? Time is critical in the film industry. We pay attention to details off the set to make life easier on it: Each corner of every DoPchoice BUTTERFLY Grids has a white fastener instead of a black one, making it easier to find.

Stays clean wherever you put it

Innovative DoPchoice brackets keep dirt and dust at a distance when you have to lay the grid down on the floor. You can put it wherever you want without having to worry about the dirt on the ground – your BUTTERFLY Grids will always stay clean.

Safely stored.

Every BUTTERFLY Grid comes with a cool DoPchoice bag made out of robust canvas, so that your Grid is always safely stored. No worries any more about how and where to put them.

Highly compatible

DoPchoice BUTTERFLY Grids are compatible to most common frame sizes