Alpha 200


Following K5600 policy of versatility, the Alpha 200 is much more than a Fresnel. It can be used with a drop-in lens with 10-60 degree focusing range or with clear Pyrex to give even 90 degree output that produces crisp and hard shadows.

3200K and 5600K in one fixture

Thanks to the new LCL discharge bulbs from Havells-Sylvania, the Alpha 200 can project in both 3200K and 5600K color temperatures, simply by changing the bulb.

2 accessories for more applications

  • The Snapbag : designed by DoP Choice, this lightbank is easy to mount (no need of a speedring) and makes of the Alpha 200W a soft light source
  • The Focal Spot : quick and easy to set up, it turns the Alpha 200W into a precise profile light for projecting gobos.

Available kits

The Alpha 200 comes in 4 different configurations of Evolution Kit :

  • 2 Alphas Starter* Kit
  • 2 Alphas Pro* Kit
  • Combo Starter* Kit (1 Alpha 200 + 1 Joker Bug Evolution)
  • Combo Pro* Kit (1 Alpha 200 + 1 Joker Bug Evolution)

*Starter kits are without accessories while Pro Kits are with.

Technical Specifications

  • Size : 18 x 18 x 18 cm
  • Weight with Lens : 2.3 Kg
  • Weight without Lens : 2 Kg
  • Bulb : LCL 200W, 5600K or 3200K