Alpha 18K
The Alpha 18K is the smallest, lightest and most versatile 18K on the market. The unit itself is 30% more compact than other 18Kw fixtures and the gain in weight is 20 Kg.


Great versatility

The Alpha 18K offers great versatility, from Open Eye for wide beams and single hard shadows to precisely controlled Fresnel allowing natural looking barndoor cuts.

An innovative 18K fixture

Thanks to the unique Quartz reflector, the lamp can be placed much closer to the reflector, therefore reducing the physical size of the Alpha 18K by a third compared to traditional 18K’s on the market. The light output from this new reflector is increased by 10%, adding a softer and smoother lighting pattern compared to the oversized conventional aluminum reflector.

The only 18K pointing straight down

The extrusion/vent system is precisely angled to get maximum cooling efficiency, the small diameter reflector allows for better heat circulation : this combination assures that the Alpha 18K operating temperatures remain within specifications in any critical position, including straight down.

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical consumption : 18K : 83 Amps @ 230V / 12K : 60 Amps @ 240V
  • Size : 82 x 98 x 58 cm
  • Weight with Lens : 62 Kg
  • Weight without Lens : 50.4 Kg
  • Lens Diameter : 625 mm
  • Speedring Reference : 9464