The GF-Secondo Dolly is equipped with most of the features of the GF-Primo Dolly and enjoys an equally good reputation and following.
The main difference being that the GF-Secondo does not come with the central gearbox for changing steering modes and it doesn’t have the telescopic and inclining steering rod. This makes the system somewhat more economical to buy, whilst securing the same high quality.


  • front, rear and crab steering through individual wheel adjustment
  • electromechanical, rotatable and removable column (lifts from 70 cm / 27“ to 140 cm / 54“ in 2,5 sec.)
  • wireless or cable connected ergonomic hand control 
  • telescopic steering rod, steering from 4 points
  • fast and easy »drop & go« battery system
  • multifunctional turnstile mount
  • unique, versatile platform system
  • Jib Mode in combination with the »Primo Jib« 
  • constructed of the highest quality CNC machined parts with Hart-Coat ® finish
  • TÜV Certified & Safety Type Tested