FluoresZilla - UV On Board Light Head LED
dedolight?® UV LED On Board?-?Light Head

• Amazing light output with dedolight double aspheric optics

• Worldwide first black light source that focuses like a dedolight from 4° to 56°

• No heat emission in exiting rays

• No other focusing long?-?wave 400?nm UV?-?A LED light source has comparable focus range

• 3000 mW output

• Perfectly even light distribution in each focus position

• Dimmable down to 5?%

• Multiple power supply and attachment accessories are available (see Ledzilla® accessory list)

• Also available with 365?nm, 1500?mW output

• Fields of application:
   • Black light effect?/?UV?-?active body paint
   • UV?-?active deco material/magic ink?/?Edding UV?-?marker
   • Fluorescent wall paint (paintings)
   • Bank note – document testing
   • Mineralogy