SL1 Switch
It all started with the SL1. It was created to find an alternative LED solution to the fluorescent tube (which we loved incidentally). We wanted to design a light which would be robust, compact, colour changing and dimmable. That would also incorporate a soft and round light source in a lightweight and durable housing. Together with a broad range of diffusion and rigging accessories this fixture is autonomous and versatile. The Dome, which creates an even softer effect is DMG’s users favourite accessory. The SL1 Switch is the foot soldier, it brings security and comfort on set.

Technical Specifications

Part Ref:     SL1-HL-SW
Part Name:     SL1 Switch Light
Metric Size:     1130 x 200 x 20mm
Metric Weight:     3.4kg
Imperial Size:     44.5 x 7.8 x 0.8"
Imperial Weight:     7.5lbs
Max Power:    170 watts
Type of LED:    SMD2835
Number of LEDs:    2184
CRI (Color Rendering Index):    @3200: 91%  @5600: 94% Lux @ 1 metre (3ft) (without any diffuser):    3000
Lux @ 3 metres (10ft) (without any diffuser):    500
Color temperature (with diffuser):    3000 to 5600°k
Battery Powered:    Yes (any source from 12 to 35VDC)
Body Material:    100% Aluminum (except screws)
Circuit Board Material:    100% Aluminum