MINI Switch

The MINI Switch has the same attributes as the original SL1 Switch, which for its size/weight/power ratio has an outstanding light quality.

Its frame and accessories have been designed to be both robust and ergonomic, which add to the facility of use.

The perfect lighting tool for the nomadic, quality conscious technician. The MINI Switch is a super lightweight and portable panel which can be used anywhere and everywhere. It comes with AC and DC power solutions as well as a wide range of diffusion accessories available. All of which fit nicely into one bag. It is the ideal companion on any set, location, confined space, low ceiling studio, documentary shooting... the list is limitless. The MINI Switch, designed for versatility.

Technical Specifications

Part Ref:     MINI-HL-SW
    Part Name:     MINI Switch Light
    Metric Size:     585x200x20mm
    Metric Weight:     1.7Kg
    Imperial Size:     23x7.8x0.8"
    Imperial Weight:     3.7lbs
    Max Power:    85 watts
    Type of LED:    SMD2835
    Number of LEDs:    1092
    CRI (Color Rendering Index):    @3200: 91%  @5600: 94%
    Lux @ 1 metre (3ft) (without any diffuser):    1500
    Lux @ 3 metres (10ft) (without any diffuser):    600
    Color temperature (with diffuser):    3000 to 5600°k
    Battery Powered:    Yes (any source from 12 to 35V)
    Body Material:    100% Aluminum (except screws)
    Circuit Board Material:    100% Aluminum