MAXI Switch

The MAXI Switch has arrived!

This unique light is the latest (and largest!) edition to the DMG Family. It measures 125x74x2cm (4' x 2.2' x 3/4") for only 12.5Kg (27lbs), MAXImising its output to an outstanding 520W LED power.

Bi-colour from 3000 to 5600°k, it is also foldable for easy transportation. Built from two panels joined together by a smart hinge, it can fold, making it easy to transport. The two panels can also work separately and be controlled in “split mode”. The MAXI Switch yoke allows 360° rotation for maximum freedom, and can also lock the two panels in any position between flat-open and closed.

Containing the latest remote control technologies (DMX / Wireless DMX / Wi-Fi /Lan), the MAXI Switch is the ideal companion on location or key lighting in larger studios.

Technical Specifications

Part Ref:     MAXI-HL-SW
    Part Name:     MAXI Switch Light
    Metric Size:     1250x754x23mm
    Metric Weight:     12.5kg
    Imperial Size:     4'x2.2'x0.8"
    Imperial Weight:     27lbs
    Max Power:    520 watts
    Type of LED:    SMD2835
    Number of LEDs:    8640
    CRI (Color Rendering Index):    @3200: 91%  @5600: 94%
    Lux @ 3 metres (10ft) (without any diffuser):    1450
    Color temperature (with diffuser):    3000 to 5600°k
    Battery Powered:    Yes (using 24-28VDC powerbank @ 20Amp minimum)
    Body Material:    100% Aluminum (except screws)
    Circuit Board Material:    100% Aluminum