An industry standard for lighting professionals around the world.

Creamsource is a High Power LED luminaire designed for the Film and Television industries. Equally comfortable on location or in the studio, Creamsource is a truly versatile lighting tool.

A large output area creates the unique quality of ‘wrapping’ your subject in soft light, while the powerful LED engine provides intensity and throw to rival a Small HMI fixture. Only Creamsource can provide this mix of light properties in such a compact form factor.

Precision optics provide a consistent beam with naturally soft edges, while a wide selection of light control tools are available to diffuse and shape the beam to achieve the look you require.

With exceptional build quality, it has been engineered for years of reliable service. Creamsource is becoming an industry standard for lighting professionals around the world.


  • 360W power
  • Available in either Daylight (5600k) or Bi-Colour Bender (2700-6500k)
  • Exceptional neutral green/magenta bias
  • Full light control from on-panel user interface + Separate remote control available
  • Full choice of light control devices – soft boxes, lenses, barn doors
  • Flicker-free dimming to 1000fps in high speed mode.
  • Totally flicker-free at full power (tested to 250,000fps)
  • Full shutter synchronization for flashing to 60fps
  • Available in 3 kit configurations - Essentials, Pro, Gaffer
  • Full DMX control

Technical Specifications

One light, many applications

Capable of holding its own in many different situations, the Creamsource is at home anywhere.

A large flat panel array with unparalleled light punch creates a truly flexible fixture that lets you control how the light is shaped and moulded into many different looks and feels to create the emotion you want without hassle you don’t need.

Whether you choose to specialise or have a broad application range, we are confident you will find many new uses we haven’t even thought about yet!

  • Portable Location work Including Train, Bus, Plane, or city street.
  • Large scale studio setups
  • TV Studio and Outside Broadcast
  • Effects/ High speed Photography
  • Lightning /Flash effects
  • Beauty
  • Food Photography
  • Small houses with limited available power
  • Remote locations whenever the pressure is on it gives you very quick set-ups on battery power when AC power is not available, difficult or takes too much time run.