Upgrade Kit Mini+
Upgrade to the 4th Generation Mini +

Upgrading your Mini to the latest '+' series is a great way to get the latest in LED technology, without having to throw away your existing investment.
Reasons to upgrade:
* Better Colour Rendition: Typical CRI up from 80 to 95, TLCI up from 70 to 95
* Better Skin Tones: Less green in the light output and higher R9 values give nicer skin tones
* More Light: Light output increased by 20%
* More Punch: Lens angle changed from 15° to 13° for extra punch
The upgrade process involves fitting new LED boards and Driver electronics into your existing Creamsource fixture, and upgrading the firmware to the latest version.
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  • Available in either Daylight (5600k) or Bi-Colour Bender (2700-6500k)
  • Totally flicker-free at full power (tested to 250,000fps)
  • Exceptional neutral green/magenta bias