Ultimate upgrade for LED tiles and flexible panels
As flexible LED panels, light tiles and tube-shaped fixtures become increasingly popular due to their convenience and ability to expand to a variety of sizes, it becomes more essential to provide soft boxes and grids to turn the bare LEDs into full-featured light sources – up to the professional standards of professional LED luminaries. SNAPBOX™ was designed with just that task in mind, eliminating jerry-rigged on-set solutions.


No compromise.
The ultimate upgrade.

LED tiles are slim and handy, but somewhat limited compared to classic light sources. The SNAPBOX™ upgrades their possible uses to meet the demands of real pros. So there is no need to compromise anymore.

No hassle.
It’s a snap, again.

Thanks to DoPchoice’s patented self-tightening Snap Technology™ your SNAPBOX™ unfolds in seconds and instantly deploys into a rectangular box. It’s as easy as 1..2..3

No spill.
Get full light control.

We kill the spill with two sets of interchangeable fabric side panels. So you are always in full control to direct your soft light.

Technical Specifications


LED tiles are nice, but their light is sharp and bright. For professional use it has to be diffused. Our SNAPBOX™ comes with the beloved Magic Cloth™ you know from our SNAPBAGS®. So you’ll get the soft light you’re looking for, without forgoing the practical advantages of handy LED tiles.

Controlling the annoying spill light is no big deal with our SNAPBOX™. Two interchangeable fabric side panels let you direct your soft light just the way you need it. One is made of our Magic Cloth™ diffusion, the other is made of our lightproof black fabric with a reflecting intensifier on the inside. You can change them quickly with hook’n loop attachments.

SNAPBOX™ quickly mounts to the light source. Just fix the LED tiles with a hook’n loop attachment to the SNAPBOX™. The corner eyelets are handy for flying the system overhead on safety cables. Or you stretch the elastic straps in each corner on to standard Frost Frame or Flag mounted on regular grip equipment.

If you need more light control, just attach one of our SNAPGRIDS® onto the SNAPBOX™. It affixes simply to each corner of the box via a hefty elastic strap.

Being hassle free is not just about quick set up, but also about how easy you can dismantle and transport your gear. That’s why our SNAPBOX™ comes with a high end pouch which stores it safely and securely.