Mini Skypower-48V V lock

48V MINI Skypower FX-48D

  • Special power solution for Arri skypanel 48V LED light.
  • 48V power design,fully meet the use of Arri S60 400W power.
  • Work with 2pcs 14.8V v-lock batteries, or 2pcs 26V v-lock batteries.
  • Use 2pcs 26V batteries, you can get maximum 480W power working effect.
  • 48V output could work for one piece 48V LED light. Solve customer’s need to carry as less equipment as possible for outdoor shooting. .
  • Under voltage indicator for the whole set.


  • Trustworthy professional factory, 20 years experience of manufacturing li-ion battery in broadcast industry.
  • Own-design inside circuit board,quality controllable.
  • Reliable cooperator of you!